Dust Collecting Systems




The particles released during manufacturing processes are hazardous to both worker and equipment health, quickly leading to a number of problems if particles are not captured by dust collection equipment and filtered from facility air. Dust collection systems address this problem by drawing contaminated air through a filter or separator, trapping harmful particles, and releasing cleaner air into the atmosphere or back onto the work floor.


Dust collectors play a major role in helping companies meet these requirements and improve both indoor and outdoor environments by capturing a high percentage of the particles emitted by industrial processes.



When putting together a dust collecting system for you, we consider certain aspects of your application. These include whether you will be placing the system inside or outside, the type of material you plan to filter (water, dusty air, industrial fumes, etc.), the density of the particulate matter you plan to collect, the frequency with which you will run your system, and the size of the space your system must clean.


Based on these application specifications, we would customize your system with the right configuration, filtration methods, filter types, etc. For large facilities, we usually incorporate baghouses, jet dust collectors, and inertial separators into sizeable dust collecting systems. These systems often feature overhead ductwork and capture arms with suction hoods that hang over the workspaces where dust is formed.


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