Hot Air Sealers


The High Integrity versions of the AXON 2 , 5, 10 and 20 'Hot - Air' Continuous Sealers have been designed specifically for the closure of plastic bags and sacks hygiene and / or resistance to harsh environments are of prime importance. In Operation, a continuous stream of precision heated ' Hot Air' is directed simultaneously to both sides of the neck of the plastic bag as it is fed through the sealing head. The plastic becomes semi-molten and is welded firmly by crimping wheels to form a permanent air - tight seal. Air temperature is regulated by an ' intelligent' P.I.D. Controller to ensure seal integrity

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  • New ultra-efficient 'Hot-Air' system features stainless steel heating capsules.
  • Heating Controller-latest P.I.D. (proportional integral and derivative) temperature control technology with LED digital display.
  • The deep throat of the AXON allows up to 110 mm of bag above the seal and can accommodate certain proprietary handles.
  • All working parts are fully accessible.
  • Large range of drive pulleys gives almost infinite choice of machine speeds - to suit either your existing conveyor lines or your production.
  • A range of different pressure wheel profiles to suit your application or type of bag. These can be quickly and easily chnaged to dkeep down - time to a minimum.
  • Tamperproof switch ensures safe isolation of power supply when the hinged cover is opened.
  • Ergonomic infeed mouldings allow easy feeding of bags.