Stretch Wrappers

Rainbow series

Every product deserves the utmost care. CHRONO- STRETCHTM RAINBOW SERIES Stretch Hooder protects goods on pallets against most external influences. Special care is needed once the pallet is stacked. Moisture is the number one cause of loss of value, or even of the complete loss of your products. The only appropriate protection against rain and water spray is a system that is absolutely waterproof. Stretchhoods offer a guaranteed protection, simply because water and dust have no chance whatsoever to reach the products on the pallet.

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Advantages compared to stretch wrap

  • Waterproof packaging
  • Barcodes remain properly visible
  • No loose foil underneath the pallet
  • Constant minimal foil consumption
  • Option of running the foil underneath the pallet for added stability
  • Option of stretching vertically for lower foil consumption and added stability
  • Only one type of material, no top-sheet foil required
  • Machine requires hardly any maintenance
  • 800 to 1,000 wrapped pallets per roll of foil
  • Option of perforated foil to prevent condensation
  • Option of creating an 'open cover' or a band of foil around part of the pallet